Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Responses to the Barbarians at the Ath from the Blogosphere

Some responses to the hijacking of the Athenaeum by the far left students from Pitzer.

Sahil Kapur, in the comment section of the L.A. Times Blog, makes the erroneous claim that there was no "permanent damage" done by dumping all that red paint into the fountains. (Curious how people like him forget that when someone writes something supposedly racist on a whiteboard...)

Here was my response.
... it is entirely untrue that the paint did no permanent damage. It clogged up the vents of the fountains which had to be entirely drained, which meant a higher expense as we had to throw all that water out rather than simply pumping it through the filter. For people who tend to be so concerned about the environment, the Pitzer environmentalists tend to be most destructive of other people's! I guess property rights are a bridge too far for them!
A few friends and I watched the facilities people come in and clean it all up. They had to drain the fountains, clean each and every tile as the dyed, red residue had to be scraped off, lest it sit. So much for caring for the little people, eh, protesters?


Anonymous said...

I guess everybody in college still wants to be a 1960's Berkeley radical. To bad the Pitzer stoners couldn't get accepted there!


Anonymous said...

If you bothered to read the rest of the post, Sahil also went on to condemn the protesters several times for the paint. I also believe the phrase was "significant damage" and not "permanent damage". Don't twist words to make a cheap point.

Charles Johnson said...

Don't you try to twist what happened. It has been a three day affair to remove the paint from the fountains. They aren't even half way finished.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the cops didn't crack a few of these whackjobs across the skull to add some more red coloring to the surroundings.