If you show it to them and they still don't get it, well, that's a different matter

I understand where you're coming from. I grew up solidly middle class in a town with a high rate of poverty. Growing up, many of my friends were poor (the upper and middle class girls didn't like me because I wasn't stylish enough), and it wasn't until high school that I had friends in my same social class. It made me thankful and appreciative of what I had growing up. Then, in the past year, I met someone who is young, immature, and comes from an extremely wealthy family. Talking to her was like talking to a block of cement because she just could not understand what life is like when you don't have everything. It's like she comes from a different world. It's fucked up. (And I had to live with her for a while, too. Painful.)

I also agree on men who call women "baby." I routinely have to tell men to NEVER CALL A WOMAN THAT UNLESS SHE SPECIFICALLY ASKS OR SAYS IT'S OKAY. It's creepy and icky and insulting to boot.

Since I don't date and it's been a long time since I considered myself dateable (the no sex/touching thing kinda cuts out 99% of the male population), I can't cite any relationship dealbreakers. But I do have some for straight-up friendship:

No bigots.

No cat-haters.

No pretentious snobs who look down on TV, fast food, etc. If you hate Taco Bell, you are my enemy.

No vegans. It's hard enough dealing with vegetarians.

Nobody who thinks that people who don't read are automatically unintelligent. I don't need to read a book to have something interesting to talk about.

No contrary people who decide to like or hate something based on how many people like or hate it.

No Republicans, libertarians, or other political morons. I'm borderline with the, "My vote doesn't count anyway" people. They tend to drive me a little nuts.

No one without hobbies and interests of their own. (I knew a guy who desperately wanted to impress me, so he started to slowly absorb all of my hobbies. It was fucking creepy.)

We have to have SOMETHING in common. Anything. But SOMETHING.