I dated someone who became a fundie just beforehand.

Smoking is the closest I have to a dealbreaker, since I hate bad breath. So carnivore diets turn me off, but at least those don't make your clothes smell and toothbrushes can get the steak away.

Sex must have some enthusiasm rather than seem obligatory. Damn right I'll reciprocate-hell, I'll start there.

You can believe anything, but you better be able to defend it (and successfully, which means religious people should probably not bother.)

Read whatever you like, just don't talk to me while I'm reading and no, I don't want to be interrupted to tell you the entire plot of the book I'm hundreds of pages into. Ask me later while you're watching TV.

Dress however you like, but don't bitch about your shoes being uncomfortable unless you have deformed feet. Damn near anyone can find comfortable shoes, but if you wear high heels to impress me and then bitch about them, I'm not impressed at your devotion so much as pitying you.

Tattoos? Piercings? Dyed hair? Extreme body maintenance? Addicted to exercise? Hairy? Waxed? Makeup? Laughs at me in a kilt? Doesn't matter, just don't insult my knees.

I dated someone who became a fundie just beforehand.

I've been married so long I rode a dinosaur to my wedding, but if I accurately recall this thing you call "dating", Star Trek was my deal-breaker. It's one thing not to care for sci-fi as a genre, but there were people who tried to make me feel stupid for liking Star Trek:TOS. It may seem shallow, but if someone is going to make a point of how stupid they think you are on something so small then they are likely to do so on the big things as well.

Pink Floyd was mentioned earlier, but sometimes that gets complicated. For instance, I once dated a woman who was into Syd Barrett-era PF, whilst I generally lean towards Waters/Gilmour-era PF. The twain seldom meet, I find.

The class thing is real. For me, it even extends to platonic relationships. It's not really conscious on my part, but I find that there's a whole worldview gap between people raised with large obstacles in their path and those walking on top of those obstacles.

I was musically associated with a guy from a wealthy family for a while several years ago, and though we respected each other, we could never really communicate on an intuitive level. But over the past few years he's been taken off the family dole, and after he had to take care of himself for a while, we have actually become very good friends.

If pressed, I don't think I could pinpoint just what it is about a class gap that makes communication difficult. But I've never been able to get past it. Maybe it's me.