Monday, March 21, 2011

The Claremont Port Side's Double Standard on Hate

The Port Side prefers its anti-Semitism covert and professorial. 

The left-wing rag of the Claremont Colleges, The Port Side publishes no fewer than 62 photos of the neo-Nazi protest and counter-protest in an article where they criticized neo-Nazis for "espous[ing] their racist and hateful views." I agree. Those views are pretty racist and hateful.

But when it comes to Professor Bassam Frangieh -- who holds to the same kind of anti-Semitic slur that a Zionist conspiracy is behind America's Middle East policy as the neo-Nazis believe -- the Port Side praise his free speech rights. They attacked me for pointing out Frangieh's anti-Semitic views as "particularly disturbing from a journalistic stand point because the facts simply do not bear it out" when the facts, do, in fact, bear it out. If you believe "a Zionist plot" is behind America's foreign policy, as Frangieh does, going so far as to sign this petition, which he refuses to discuss, you agree with those who peddled that forgery of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. You agree, in other words, with the National Socialist Movement, the world's largest neo-Nazi group.

Could it be that it is a little easy to go after the neo-Nazis and not so easy to go after a tenured professor? I guess the Port Side prefers its anti-Semitism like this above protester prefers his racism -- covert. 


Anonymous said...

Either you don't understand what institutional racism is or you're being intentionally obtuse. Neither possibility reflects well on you.

Anonymous said...

WTF is "institutional racism"? Is that like when colleges discriminate against you for being Asian or white?

Anonymous said...

CJ, seems you,ll do anything to find a way to include a rant against Prof. Frangieh in any comment you make. I now understand that you promoting a petition (probably something you wrote) against your favorite target and that you are once again ringing the doorbells (make that emails) of any and all who you hope will sign in an effort to continue to keep this old, old, old, old, story alive. Perhaps others would sign a counter petition demanding that CJ end his ridiculous tirade of character assasination. The administration, and the large majority of the faculty, have moved beyond this, you should too.

Charles Johnson said...

I am not ranting against Frangieh; I'm merely raising the mirror up to the college's face and letting it take a good long look.

Anonymous said...

"I am not ranting against Frangieh"

Read the second paragraph, then try and answer that question again. Also pay attention to how much of your post is devoted to the topic, and how much is devoted to ranting against Frangieh.