Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stark, the Substance-Free Dorm, Subsidies Drinking at TNC

A quick look over at ASCMC's website shows that Starkies have been getting shafted by ASCMC. (follow link to Stark dorm inquiry info.)

The argument for this expenditure will no doubt be that Starkies attend these events, but that's sort of a silly argument as no one requires non-Starkies to pay for eating food or watching movies or playing pool over in our dorm. In point of fact, Stark is billed more often for TNCs than Green, a wet dorm! Stark was forced to spend $315, while Green paid around $180.

In one ridiculous expenditure, Stark was actually forced to pay $150 bucks for the Fawcett TNC.

I wonder, should Starkies revolt against being mistreated like this? Many of the people who live in Stark do so for religious or moral reasons. Is it really moral to force them to pay for other people's drunken revelry?

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