Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Regarding the Leaking of Everyone's Phone Numbers

Up until two years ago, The Claremont Colleges maintained a website, through HMC, of students who voluntarily released their phone numbers and campus addresses. On the CMC campus, ASCMC asked every student at Financial Registration to sign a release if they wanted to be included, and CMC staff removed the students who did not sign the release. The information was then sent to HMC, who posted it in the intranet (viewable only within the Colleges). Everyone who was included in this information, at least from CMC, gave ASCMC consent to do so.

Two years ago, we stopped participating on CMC's behalf because Facebook was doing the work for us; the website was no longer needed. Over time, other colleges have stopped also.

The page you happened on dates back to Fall 2007. This file was accidentally left on their server, and from what I understand, there is no active link to the page from the official HMC website. HMC has confirmed that they have now blocked access to the directory in question and are scanning for other materials that are public but should not be.

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Cynthia Ann Humes
I will take down the link to everyone's phone numbers now.


lol said...

Charles Johnson = Owned

Anonymous said...

Umm... how? He did us a service by getting those phone numbers brought down.

Anonymous said...

You can still view the numbers. Google the website, www.hmc.edu/studentlife1/pending/cmc-fall2007.xls

Then just click the view html tab. I don't mind the info being up but give credit where it is due.

Anonymous said...

Did you a service?? How is posting people's personal info before inquiring with the school and asking they take it down a service? I now have in my possession a spreadsheet with names and personal numbers that I'd never even have known about if the reporter had acted responsibly. At no time was he under any obligation to advertise this information, even if it was publicly accessible. Despite the fact that we now know that someone could have obtained this information if they were so inclined, lowering the bar to entry by basically saying "Here, take this and fuck with people" is a funny way to say that someone has done you a service.