Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let's Go, Scott Brown for Senate!

I hope you'll indulge me for writing about the state that is still very near to my heart, despite my distance from it. I know that I usually write only about Claremont news or about news tangentially related to Claremont, but I can't help myself from writing about a politician I consider to be the finest I have ever met: Scott Brown, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts.

As many of you know, I'm a Massachusetts refugee (soon to be a Californian refugee, and maybe even an American refugee, as well, if things in this country aren't put in order fast), but I have to say that I think Democrats are wrong to think that they have it in the bag against Brown.

First, he's very likeable relative to Ms. Coakley and exudes the kind of calm, collectedness of a senator, rather than sleezyness of a lawyer (which, in point of fact, both Ms. Coakley and he are.)

Second, in recent years, few women have been elected to high office in Massachusetts. In 2002, Romney beat Shannon O'Brien for governor by five points. In 2006, Deval Patrick beat Kerry Healey by 19 points.

Third, this is an anti-incumbent year and Brown can win if he appeals to the independents that decide Mass. elections. He should channel Calvin Coolidge, the last Massachusetts conservative, when he goes up against Coakley and run as if he is that 41st vote that'll bring common sense to Washington D.C.

As for me, I'll be supporting Brown for the simple reason that he's trust worthy and sticks to his word. I was one of the three members of the Milton Academy Republicans -- that was actually a high number -- we invited him to a debate that we had organized with the 90 member strong, Democrats of Milton Academy. The Democrat bailed on us at the last minute, but Brown, true to form, decided to come anyways. The simple reason that he gave? "I said I would."


Anonymous said...

"maybe even an American refugee, as well, if things in this country aren't put in order fast"

Oh don't tease us like this!

Charles Johnson said...

A patriot can fight from other shores.

Lucas said...

Ahhh... good old memories from the Milton Young Republican days.