Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Elected Green Busy Body Position?

From Mark Munro of SPEAR...

On behalf of Students Promoting Environmental Action and Responsibility (SPEAR), I would like to let you know about a new dorm position we would like to make available for your residents, called "Eco-Reps." As CMC continues to become a more environmentally friendly campus, any students interested have the opportunity to improve his or her dorm. We imagine the "Eco-Rep" position to be similar to a dorm president or community service representative, in that it is a voluntary position for anyone who has a little extra time they are willing to put towards some of the following activities:

  • Putting a recycling container for batteries outside their door
  • Posting flyers in the dorm bathrooms and giving them to residents that explain which items can be recycled and which cant
  • Passing out flourescent light bulbs or Brita filters
  • Collecting dorm recycling and turning it in to local drop-off sites in exchange for $$
  • Organizing one "event" to improve the environment per semester, similar to a community service event such as a beach clean up
  • Any other ideas the dorm Eco-Rep has to improve their dorm and help make students more environmentally friendly and concious

Please direct this email to your residents and let them know that anyone interested can contact Mark Munro '12 (withheld) or Jenny Ward '11 (withheld)
You'll notice that the Environmental Crusaders have changed their name to SPEAR. I suppose that they are getting more militant now and that this annoyingness is just the next wave. Never mind, of course, that increasing numbers of people doubt so-called global warming. We're not yet at the level where they tell us to piss in the shower, but it's probably coming.

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