Friday, September 25, 2009

What is Deb Wood's Job? Whiteboard Police?

It's time to fire Debra Wood. It's unclear she does anything but expose Scripps College to a lawsuit for violating the Leonard Law. In this email, she threatens those of us who criticize her illegal and illiberal policies and wants us to report on one another's thoughts and writings. Creepy? You bet. But typical for Debra Wood. She's long become an embarrassment to Scripps College as she sees racism and sexism everywhere on campus. If Scripps is looking to downsize during the current financial slowdown, I think of a place to start.

But don't take my word for it. Read on.

From: Debra Wood []

Last night between 10 PM and 12:15 AM someone scrawled a sexist comment on a student's write and wipe board. While a popular TV show uses this same scrawl, and some of you may not find it sexist or offensive because of its use, I ask you take a moment and think about.

This was done anonymously. The person or people involved may or may not know the occupant of the room, but her personal views and opinions are displayed on her door -- making it a logical conclusion that this was not a random act, but an act targeting her views.

We support free speech and the exchange of differing ideas and view points.

[CJ's note: You lie! Scripps doesn't support free exchange of differing ideas, at all.] Anonymous, rude writings on the property of another in the dark of night are not acts of free speech, but acts of stupidity, harassment, and cowardice. The scrawls are intended to hurt others and those that support them. It has a chilling effect on speech-- people are reluctant to speak out against this behavior for fear of retaliation, and it damages all of us.

[CJ's note: On the contrary, it is you that silences free speech by threatening students.]

All of our individual communities have lesbians and women and hateful acts toward lesbians and women at Scripps are hateful acts to lesbians and women at all the colleges, and everywhere else for that matter.

I especially urge the students of the five colleges to stand together and say this is not acceptable behavior. When someone laughs about it, criticizes the administrations for taking an active stand against these harassing and offensive acts, or even just brushes it off as nonsense, speak up for your friends, classmates, and colleagues.

[CJ's note: No thanks, I'll support students rights to think and say whatever they want on campus. It is, after all, the law.]

If you know who tell him/her/them to come forward and own their actions. There are many forums where one can discuss their view points in an adult manner. They must also take the consequences for their actions; we protect speech, but not anonymous, destructive and harassing actions. If they refuse to come forward, turn them in.

[CJ's note: "Turn them in"?! So you can do what? It is illegal for you to punish any student and encouraging students to turn one another in for harmless writing on a whiteboard would create a climate of fear on our campus. There's nothing "harassing" about a one time event. How is that harassing? The law is very clear that a "harassing" instance must occur multiple times.]

Anyone in need of support or wishing to discuss this incident is welcome and encouraged to contact the resource which best meets their needs. Resources include;

i.Dean of Students (909) 621-8277
ii.Residence Life staff (909) 621-8277 or (909) 607-4307 or (909) 607-8869
iii.SCORE staff (909) 607-8869
iv.MCAPS (Monsour) staff (909) 621-8202
v.Chaplains office (909) 621-8685
vi.OBSA staff (909) 621-8248
vii.CLSA staff (909) 621-8044
viii.Scripps Diversity Coordinating Committee co-chairs (Amy Marcus-Newhall, Marla Love)
ix. QRC staff

Anytime a community member becomes aware of a racist, sexist, heterosexist or homophobic, bias incident on our campus, a potential bias incident or hate crime, or any other type of crime they are urged to take appropriate action to combat the incident, These actions might include
+calling Campus Safety (ext.7200)
+photographing the incident
+identifying the perpetrator
+intervening in the moment, if it is safe to do so
+writing a letter or article for one of the student news publications, sponsoring, attending or participating in educations programming and encouraging your peers to do the same.

In accordance with the Communication Protocol for Bias Related Incidents for the Claremont Colleges a binder of incidents is kept in the Dean of Students Office, located in Balch Hall room 122, SARLO, 2nd floor Malott Commons or at SCORE, located across from Routt/Frankel Residence Hall. Persons wishing to review this binder may do so during regular office hours, Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM


Anonymous said...

While Deb Wood should be held accountable for the ridiculousness of some of her "bias related" emails, it is the Scripps student body that should be ashamed. While there are legitimate bias related incidents, the campus life atmosphere at Scripps is pathetic. People can't write things on whiteboards. People can't open their doors to play music. Men technically can't walk around alone unless they are going to the bathroom. People of age are not allowed to publicly drink alcohol. People undrage are forced to binge privately in their rooms. People And yet the students by and large just accept the status quo and don't demand change.

I love Scripps and feel their students receive the best liberal arts education across the 5Cs but the submissiveness the students take in addressing the fallacies of the Scripps administration is pathetic.

Charles Johnson said...

Sounds like Iran would be pleased at all the progress going down at Scripps.