Sunday, September 27, 2009

SNL's Jenny Slate To Be Punished for Speech?

I know that this is not exactly Claremont related, but I thought it would be instructive anyways given how much we're languishing under speech codes.

Jenny Slate of Saturday Night Live may well be fired from the late night show because she accidentally said the word "fuckin.'"

In a former life, I went to prep school. As luck would have it, it's the same that Ms. Slate went to, which you can now find out by reading the Wikipedia link I put up.(Ah yes, the best revenge isn't living well. It's writing the school's Wikipedia page.) She was involved in some of the speech and debate activities at the school and was a pretty successful actress in the drama department. It would be a real shame for her career to get terminated for saying something that the FCC doesn't approve of.

It might be a stretch, but I remember Milton Academy as a school that was very regressive in what you could or couldn't say. Nearly every issue of the school newspaper, The Milton Measure, was spent with me, debating the principal, Rick Hardy, or Larry Pollans, our faculty sponsor, about what was going to be going into the newspaper. These things try on man's soul and make him ever so grateful for Blogger.

Milton Academy is a school where you could be punished for what you wrote, what you said, and even what you thought in kangaroo courts known as D.C. hearings. A student was banned from running for head monitor (think class president) when he joked that the school was all about "giving head... monitors the powers they need." I happened to find his joke distasteful, but I wasn't about to think he should be banned.

So when I hear Ms. Slate may face punishment by the heads of the national censoring organization, the FCC, I'm saddened. But I'm also grateful that she'll be in a position to respond. So often, the speech police win.

Eh, Deb Wood?