Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Deb Wood Pledges to Find the Drunken Perpetrators!

Silly Dean Deb Wood is at it again. You remember her, right? She's the administrator who made Scripps College a national laughingstock when she called for Scripps to ban the white party. Here she is tonight promising to punish the "perpetrators" of an alleged bias related incident.

Never you mind, of course, that she has no such power to do so under California's Leonard Law and that at most, all the police can do is charge whatever poor student with "vandalism." Still, it should give us a bit of fright that Dean Wood sees this as one of her jobs. I guess she has to justify that enormous salary she takes in...

What's more troubling, though, is that they won't even tell us what was said, only that we have to trust them that it was pretty offensive. Given the track record of administrators -- the "Hillary is a foxy lesbian -- comment anyone -- I'm inclined to reserve judgment until I get the facts. Here's Dean Wood's email to the entire campus. Could somebody please write in and tell me what was said?

As I advised you last week, The Claremont Colleges have a bias protocol that we follow when bias incidents and/or hate crimes occur. I am saddened and disappointed to begin the academic year with both racist and sexist incidents.

Both types of incidents involved a person or persons unknown scrawling racist and sexist epithets on students' write and wipe boards in the residence halls. Given that these incidents occurred following the end of dry week and substantial drinking, many people might shrug off the incidents, saying it was probably stupid drunks. I ask you not to shrug it off and not to give the perpetrators of these incidents an excuse for their behavior.

Regardless of the intent and regardless of the condition in which the perpetrators may have put themselves, they did harm. The students upon whose doors these words were scrawled were hurt. The people who saw it were hurt. It causes one to wonder what steps have any of the colleges made toward building a supportive, inclusive community when acts like this still occur ?

This kind of conduct constitutes a bias incident and anyone with information about the perpetrator(s) of the incidents should contact an RA, DOS staff member or campus safety.

Anyone in need of support or wishing to discuss this incident is welcome and encouraged to contact the resource which best meets their needs. Resources include:

+staff at OBSA- (909) 621-8248
+ staff at CLSA- (909) 621-8044
+ staff on the Asian American Advisory Board
+ Res Life Staff- (909) 621-8277 or (909) 607-4307
+ Chaplains Office- (909) 621-8685
+ SCORE staff (909) 607-8869
+ Scripps Diversity Coordinating Committee- (Amy Marcus- Newhall or Marla Love)
+ staff at MCAPS ( Monsour) - (909) 621-8202
+ DOS (909) 621-8277

We are a supportive, caring community and bias related incidents will not
be tolerated. Any time a community member becomes aware of a racist,
sexist, heterosexist bias incident on our campus, a potential bias
incident or hate crime, or any other type of crime, they are urged to
appropriate action to combat the incident. These actions might include:

calling campus safety,
photographing the incident,
identifying the perpetrator,
intervening in the moment if safe to do so,
writing a letter or article for one of the student news publications,
sponsoring, attending or participating in educational programming,
encouraging your peers to do the same.

In accordance with the Communication Protocol for Bias
Related Incidents for The Claremont Colleges a binder of incidents is
kept in the Dean of Students Office, located in Balch Hall, room 112,

Persons wishing to review this binder may do so during regular office
hours Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM .

Debra Wood
Vice President & Dean of Students
Scripps College
The Women's College.Claremont
1030 N. Columbia
Claremont, CA 91711
fax: (909)607-7081

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