Monday, August 24, 2009

Chuck DeVore Attacks Carly Fiorina for Not Voting, Being Rich

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I have unfailing respect for Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (CMC '85) and want him to win the nomination for the G.O.P and to take on Barbara Boxer in 2010.

I think he'll easily defeat any nominee for the nomination, and so I have to ask myself: What is DeVore doing in The San Francisco Chronicle criticizing his fellow Republican, Carly Fiorina over her spotty voting record?

If Republicans have any chance of winning in 2010 in California or elsewhere, they'll need to appeal to that pragmatic middle that has sat out elections. Many Americans have spotty voting records because few have felt that politics mattered as much as it does now that the government is trying to nationalize the health care sector of the economy, after it successfully nationalized the automotive industry and financial services sectors.

DeVore should be applauding wealthy people like Fiorina for joining the fight against Barbara Boxer. Instead, he caricatures her campaign and casts aspersions on her character. In language that sounds like it could have been written by the Daily Kos or the Huffington Post, DeVore says that he,
... believes that Cornyn and other GOP biggies are drawn to Fiorina because, as "a telegenic self-funder," she's like an Instant Candidate - "you just add water." He also sees the influence of "consultative mercenaries" who "create their own candidates" with big checkbooks, then "turn around and work for them."
Earlier DeVore attacked Fiorina for having a "casual association with the democratic process." He even suggests that Fiorina doesn't appropriately value our "participatory democracy." Shame on you, Mr. DeVore. We're a republic. Perhaps Ms. Fiorina felt represented by those in office already? Democrats are the ones that fetishize the democratic process, prefering to nationalize or regulate.

It is policies, not procedures, that interest voters. DeVore should wise up and criticize Fiorina for her lack of substance, not her lack of going to the ballot box.

I'm disappointed in DeVore.

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