Monday, July 13, 2009

Professor Harry Jaffa To Be On Uncommon Knowledge

I cannot say enough positive things about Peter Robinson's online video program, Uncommon Knowledge. If I were to point to one talkshow that changed my life, this would be it. Think a modern day Firing Line.

When I was much younger, a video of Robinson and Thomas Sowell helped me better formulate my arguments regarding affirmative action by discussing it in a global context. I juxtapose the quality of that discussion versus the more left-leaning Charlie Rose. Rose disappoints, as you can see from this video. Robinson never does.

In the past month, Robinson has featured Claremont McKenna professor, Charles R. Kesler. You can watch that here. Adam D'Luzansky CMC '08 informs me that Professor Harry V. Jaffa will be on next week and that Uncommon Knowledge is soliciting questions to ask him via Twitter. There's no limit on the numbers of questions so here are a few I sent.

Can you believe in a natural rights philosophy without a belief in God?
Is a liberal arts education in trouble in our era of scientific management?
Why do you claim Justice Thomas as a proponent of the natural rights philosophy? Which of his opinions is best?
What does the election of Barack Obama portend for the natural rights philosophy of Jefferson and Lincoln?

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