Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quick News From the Pile

The rest of the Claremont world keeps on turning, despite wishes that it slow down at least until break. None of these things really warrants a blog post in its own right, but I thought I'd let you know about them anyways.
  • The Claremont Conservative broke 131,000 readers. We've had over a thousand a day since we first blogged about David and Kyle being banned. Thanks for upping our traffic, guys. Sorry about the whole violation of your rights thing, but we're still working on helping you out there.
  • The planned, spectacular KSPC-Charles Johnson interview will be delayed until after March break. I'll have more as that develops.  CI writer Janet Alexander PITZER '11 will be there to help conduct the interview so it oughtn't get too out of hand. 
  • If you want to be influential in a survey of Claremont McKenna students, take this College Prowler survey. You get to rank all the things that are essential to a college education -- the women and the food and the facilities and, oh yeah, the classes.
  • If you're going for Jonathan Rosenberg's CMC '83 talk at the Athenaeum tomorrow, do let me know how it is. I should love to attend, but I'm afraid I'll be taking a comparative government exam at the same time. I loved his video lecture at the Athenaeum last year. To say it was serious food for thought would be an understatement.  While we're on the topic of YouTube, perhaps it might be worthwhile to get the Athenaeum to sign a contract with Google, which owns YouTube, now that so many Claremont alums work for it so that our Ath videos are uploaded in a timely, cost-efficient fashion. In fact, now that Steve Grove '00 is the politics and news director of YouTube it might be time to suggest this. The benefits to CMC are tremendous. All of our lectures would be searchable and accessible to the public on YouTube. We could use that as a kind of advertising for the school and help make CMC more of named brand. While Pomona and other places seem to want to restrict the ability of students to record public lectures, Claremont McKenna could use this as an opportunity to change its policy to make it much easier. Let a thousand YouTube clips be shown!
  • Tibor Machan, CMC '65, will be speaking at the Athenaeum on March 30 at 12:00 PM. He was a senior editor at Reason Magazine, the magazine of record for libertarians, and was a student of Professor Jaffa, among others at then Claremont Men's College. His heart, however, lies with Ayn Rand, whose book, Atlas Shrugged, we seem to be living. If you want to hear how he became a libertarian, please read this short piece from the Heritage Foundation. He will be speaking on liberty in the Age of Obama and yours truly will be givivng the introduction. (You should still come, if only to recognize that I'm an awful speech giver.) He is a guest of The Salvatori Center and the Friends of the Claremont Independent. You can follow his very prolific blog postings here. [Full disclosure: I worked on the Machan wikipedia page.]
  • The effervescent and evidently utterly popular -- she ran unopposed -- Tammy Phan CMC '11 has been elected as junior class president. Despite her popularity, Ms. Phan hasn't rested on her laurels and has wasted no time performing constituent services, even for her constituents that might be less than politically in favor. Ms. Phan has offered to let me write a post about homosexual marriage uncensored for The Forum. You may recall the kerfuffle I got into with its editor, Ross Boomer, who censored me. I should have a long explanation for why homosexual marriage isn't desireable in the coming days. I suspect this post was granted to me after I heckled Spencer Kline CMC '10, with the following comment on The Forum website, "I’d respond, but I’ll just be censored by Ross."  
  • Upon the banning of David and Kyle, I have been eating at Frary rather regularly. In part,  it's because I suspect that there is an equidistant walk from Stark to Frary or Stark to Collins, but also because I like getting off the Claremont McKenna reservation from time to time. I noticed that they currently have napkin dispensers that only dispense one napkin at a time. When you are prone to spilling things as I am, you find this dispenser to be the bane of your existence. (I may have even called it "fascist." Forgive me George Orwell for "flinging" that word so "recklessly.") Never to fear, I have figured out a way to defeat the machine by using a metal fork to liberate its napkins en masse. No need to thank me, I'm just doing my part.
  • President Maria Klawe has accepted a position on Microsoft's board. As can be expected with a radical of Klawe's calliber, she's wasted no time talking about her favorite hobby horse: the lack of women in computer science.  She's quoted as saying that "The underrepresentation of women in the fields of science and engineering is one of the critical issues facing the computing industry," Klawe said. "Microsoft has been active and focused in helping to address this challenge, and I'm looking forward to helping the company continue to make progress on this important issue." Translation: I'm going to make sure Microsoft hires more women and I don't care if they are less qualified than the men they replace. Why doesn't Klawe just say I'm going to work on making Microsoft as profitable as possible? It would do more good than social engineering and tinkering. For more fact checking Klawe, please read more here, here, here, and here.

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