Friday, January 2, 2009

"Women at the Top" Book Good for a Laugh

I don't yet know what to make of a compilation of women in the workplace co-written by CMC professor Diane F. Halpern, and how they juggle careers with home life.  I've always found it very impressive when anyone can juggle more than one responsibility and be competent. 

But I do find it kind of funny that the book is titled, "Women at the Top." It reminds me of the mock (or real, I can't tell which anymore!) controversy that greeted a certain Scripps College t-shirt a year back. Take a look at the Facebook group.


sam said...

I don't yet know what to make of this post. First of all, I think it's pretty clear that women in our society generally have more responsibility than men for caring for their families, making it harder for them to balance their career with their home life. It's a major conflict in the lives of many professional women, who might benefit from learning from the experiences of others who have managed to find balance in their lives. Second of all, it seems pretty obvious to me that "Women at the Top" has little to none of the innuendo suggested by "Women on Top." I fail to see how this book is "good for a laugh."

Tom said...

They could have called the book anything, and they went with "Women at the Top." Innuendo invites humorous commentary. If they'd called it "Women at their Climax," no one would be arguing with CJ. So now it's just a question of degree of innuendo.

So, how sexual does the title of the book have to be before we are allowed to laugh?