Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why the Claremont Conservative and the Claremont Independent Must Merge

We're entering a whole new world where blogging will be one of the many channels by which readers aggregate information. How might we become the voice on campus that frames the very important issues before us? 

In the model of the publication that birthed us all, the National Review, the Claremont Independent bills itself as an august publication and my time as editor will be in keeping with that tradition. Its slogan is "upholding truth and excellence." It's not only a fit principle for a newspaper, it's a fit aphorism by which to run one's own life.

...And yet I hope this blog will serve the same function that the Corner does for National Review. The immediacy of our current world demands nothing less than constant attention to things as they happen. 

The blog won't become the Claremont Independent and the Independent won't become the blog. They will inform one another.

My first act as editor will be to democratize this blog still further. Effective my first meeting as editor on January 20th, anyone on the Claremont Independent's staff who wants to blog here, will receive an account. We only ask that they follow the same guidelines that we have all followed: 
  • That they think of what it means to be a "Claremont Conservative"  
  • And that they blog on the Claremont connection.
I hope that our readers will be as generous and kind to the new crop of writers as they were to me when I started. 

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the model of The Corner:

You're as dully disingenous as Jonah Goldberg, you're as ridiculous as K-Lo, but you're not near as entertaining as Derbyshire. Step it up.