Saturday, January 31, 2009

Professor Weidenmier at American Enterprise Institute

Professor Marc Weidenmier, my intro. to economics professor, made me reconsider being just a straight government major. Along with his expert teaching and a little prodding by Aditya Bindal CMC '11, I decided to become a dual gov-econ major. His Ath talk on Brazil's sugar and ethanol market expansions was one of the more fascinating given last semester.

Here's recently promoted CI Associate Editor Chase Gray's CMC '12 write up of that talk, which was based on his NBER paper titled, "Is Sugar Sweeter at the Pump? The Macroeconomic Impact of Brazil's Alternative Energy Program."

For those of you who couldn't make it to the talk, here's the video and audio of it over at the American Enterprise Institute. As luck would have it, Christopher DeMuth, the president of AEI, will be coming to campus February 5 as a guest of the Salvatori Center. Yours truly has head table.

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