Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Chuck DeVore's Running on Nuclear Energy

CMC alum Chuck DeVore will defeat Barbara Boxer in 2010, but only if we help him unseat one of the most far left senators in the Senate. You can make that happen by donating to his campaign here.

In this video, DeVore talks about how nuclear energy will help California's energy needs, but which the progressives don't want us to have. Take a look here.

In the video, DeVore mentions how there's a proposal at work in California to make it so that state legislators can tell you when you can and cannot run your A/C. Of course that sounds just like the energy policies of the new dorm and some of the towers in which CMC students can't set their own temperatures in their own rooms. Editor emeritus and new CC blogger, Ilan Wurman CMC '09-'10?, wrote about that very tyranny and how environmentalists seek to limit our choices here in the Claremont Independent.

The issue of nuclear power is something of a hobbyhorse for DeVore and he certainly knows his stuff, having authored at least one paper on it.

DeVore's not the only CMC alum to have some expertise on the matter. Tim L. Peckinpaugh CMC '81 is one of the top thinkers and lawyers on nuclear energy and disposal. He worked for U.S. Congressman Sid Morrison (R–WA) on these very issues.