Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Follow up on the Rove Protest

Our friend Wes Woods II of The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin writes of the protest and the speech.

After the speech, Todd Logan, 21, of Pomona College, said he saw two people get hit by pepper spray when Rove was led out by security while other students reported three.

Some students said they were hit by the vehicle Rove was drove off campus in but officials denied their claims.

Henry Watkins, consultant for Claremont McKenna College, said no students were hit with pepper spray or hit by a vehicle.

A bomb was reported at 7:31 p.m. inside of nearby Collins dining hall but was later found to not be true, Watkins said.

Assuming that they were actually hit by the cars or pepper sprayed, is anyone really surprised? If you sit in front of the cars that want to leave from the Athenaeum and demand that the police arrest you, and then you are pepper-sprayed or hit by the cars, why are you shocked? In any event, here are some photos as promised.

The Forum has more, and video. I'll put more as more comes online.

I would also recommend Josh Siegel's blow-by-blow of the entire day. Josh is editor of the Forum and wrote a darned good post about the Ath dinner. It's honest, even though he committed a major faux pas by joking about McCain's war wounds.

The dinner was fun. During dinner, the discussion at the head table varied from questions about people Rove had met to questions about his life as a civilian over the past few months. “I went from 15 steps to the Oval Office to working out of my basement,” he said. He listed his staff, which include law school students, interns, and others, most of whom he had met recently while he was working in the WH. He also spoke favorably of Blake Gottesman, who worked in the WH after his freshman year at CMC. Rove also mentioned that he has spoken at more than a dozen schools since he’s left office including Penn, Pitt, Harvard, and SUNY Buffalo.

After another student asked him if he had seen the HBO movie Recount–he did–and he launched into a rant about how inaccurate it was. I then asked if WH staff (including Bush) watch stuff like that, the upcoming movie W, and follow what popular culture thinks of them. He denied that they follow popular culture, but said that he himself did follow it more so after leaving office to “research for his book.” He said Bush doesn’t “sit around googling himself.” I said I bet Obama probably does Google himself (he agreed), and joked that McCain would if he knew how. Rove didn’t like the joke and said that McCain couldn’t use computers because of his injuries as a POW (and he demonstrated how McCain’s injuries limit his movement).

We asked him if the protesters bothered him. He basically said he ignores them, but wishes they would get the facts right, explaining examples of times when protesters blamed him for things he had absolutely nothing to do with. He also told a story about an elderly woman who wanted shouted at him and tried to do a “citizen’s arrest on behalf of humanity.” He thought it was funny because it was just one old lady and he wondered where she’d hold him if she did arrest him– her car? Meanwhile, about 100 protesters were chanting “Arrest Karl Rove” outside. Before we were finished eating, I mentioned that the protesters were mostly from Pitzer College, not CMC, which he was unaware of.


Anonymous said...

Loved the video/stills of the Pitzer rally. Bongos, NO WAR signs. Ralph Lauren shirts, but not enough tie-dye. Bad art direction. Should have thrown in a couple GO BEARS signs for posterity. They should all read Yippie co-founder Jerry Rubin's book "Growing up at 37" Mario Savio ended up a bartender, and Tom Hayden teaches at the 5Cs. Change We Can Believe In !

Brian said...


Well, to be honest, I don't know what Rove said on McCain being able to use a computer...but he can, just not for extended periods of time.