Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Putting the Claremont Colleges' Alcoholism to The Test

Stagafling and others have given me grief for suggesting that something needs to change with our alcohol(ic) policies.

As I have expounded on this blog, I think parents and the federal taxpayer who subsidizes many of our educations, expect better of us than to drink ourselves into a steady coma. (That's what graduate school is for!)

I'm not so prudish as to think you should never drink, only that you ought to drink responsibly and if you are too childish to handle your responsibilities than you ought to relieve everyone else of the burden of having to take care of you.

And take care of many fellow students we did this past semester.

This past semester the number of ER visits from the Claremont Colleges prompted the administration to take a sober look at our party policies.

If history is our guide, they ought to have looked across the street at our friends, the Sagehens.

I quote from Barrett Seamon's Binge: What Your College Student Won't Tell You, p. 109,

Before Thanksgiving of the following year, [2004], cozy, cerebral Pomona College had sent nine to the ER -- more than twice its total alcohol hospitalizations the entire previous year and the highest number in eleven years.
Gee, I guess this year's number -- eight or so -- isn't so bad after all!


Anonymous said...

You might want to consider checking your numbers again. Your own post on January 25th acknowledges that this year CMC has had 14 alcohol-related emergency room visits. If you want to encourage an open and honest dialogue about the alcohol policies of your campus and of the 5Cs in general, attacking Pomona isn't a very good place to start. Stick to the facts. You do a disservice to your own school, and to the 5C community, when you distort the facts to fuel your bias against other schools.

Charles Johnson said...

Thanks for the comment, Anonymous.

I'm sorry if that came across as Pomona bashing. I'm critical of the culture of alcoholism at all of the colleges. I just didn't find it mentioned in a book.

Anonymous said...

"If history is our guide, they ought to have looked across the street at our friends, the Sagehens."

I'd like to ask exactly how that isn't Pomona bashing? Taken in context, the only reasonable way to interpret that statement is as a potshot at Pomona. You could have easily used the quote you found from the book in a way that reflected the drinking culture on the 5Cs as a whole, but instead you chose to use it to fuel your bias.

Next time you should try to address the actual issue of drinking culture instead of taking cheap shots at your rival schools. I respect the benefits of exposing students to conservative points of view, as well as the liberal points of view that so dominate the Claremont Colleges. When you lace your arguments with pointless attacks on people, organizations and schools you disagree with, you cheapen your arguments and lose the respect of people that would otherwise take you seriously.

Aditya Bindal said...

Anonymous, only 4 out of 14 were CMC students. The remaining 10 were divided between PO PI.

Charles, you might not like the drinking culture, but our loose policies make drinking safer. I've seen pomona kids marking their calendars till the next big party so that they can get wasted.