Monday, January 21, 2008

Study Abroad Programs Examined in Wall Street Journal, Scripps Official Quoted

Here's the text in question from tomorrow's WSJ.

Allowing freshman students -- who in most cases have never lived away from home -- to study abroad comes with risks, college officials say. "There's the issue of maturity and having the coping skills and the resources," says Valerie Eastman, director of off-campus study at Scripps College, a private liberal-arts school for women in Claremont, Calif., that doesn't offer the program for freshman.

For one thing, alcohol consumption may be heightened while overseas. Freshmen are typically under the legal drinking age in the U.S. "When you figure it's totally accessible in markets and anywhere overseas, even if you are under 21, some people have control issues," says Ms. Eastman.

I agree with Ms. Eastman that student abroad programs aren't the wisest of programs for young fresh(womyn) -- this being Scripps, after all, but still, I find myself asking several questions.

Is Ms. Eastman really suggesting that alcohol intake is the reason that there isn't a freshman study abroad program? Has she noticed that Scrippsies flock to Claremont McKenna parties?

How does Ms. Eastman assess when any student has the "maturity and having the coping skills and the resources"? Me thinks age might be a bad indicator, no?

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Quartzide said...

For the record, I can assure you that unless you are a severe alcoholic, you will drink more while overseas, certainly if you go anywhere in Europe. Even if you are a relatively moderate drinker, you will do so more frequently because there are more opportunities for socially acceptable consumption. And if you are a fan of the occasional binge, well, I can tell you where to buy the 4 euro vodka in Athens and which clubs in Psiri won't catch you sneaking it in.

Studying abroad was fantastic...and made my liver hard as a rock.