Thursday, January 24, 2008

Harvey Mudd Professor Makes The Case for Geekdom

Professor Daniel Goroff explains why you need a technical background to compete with China and India. I think another means of attracting the best minds would be laws granting expedited citizenship to Indians or Chinese MBA and PhD candidates studying in the U.S.

In any event, here is the quotation:

“All the things we are talking about, security, energy independence, health care, if you want to know how to solve these things you’ve got to go to who have some of the technical expertise,” said Daniel Goroff, professor of mathematics and economics at Harvey Mudd College.

Goroff emphasized the need for science and technology education to “keep up” with China and India. He said the government needs to make science and technology careers “attractive to Americans so that we’re not just pushing [students] through calculus, but making sure those careers work well.”

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ConfusedMinority said...

True and If you study the technological transformation that took place in India and China, you would be left with a single phenomenon: Privatization. Most Asian countries (with the exception of Hong Kong and Singapore of course) are less privatized and enjoy lesser economic freedom than the United States. However, the education sector has dramatically changed in India over the past two decades. The large pool of skilled labor that we compete with come from private institutions (80% to be exact). We need to realize, just like these countries did, that wasting tax dollars and creating monopolies is not going to help.