Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pomona: We Make It Hard for Students, Easy for Criminals!

In today's The Boston Globe, Pomona is listed as one of the schools that makes it hard for students with disciplinary records to be admitted. Here's the paragraph in question:

Pomona College, a highly selective private college outside of Los Angeles, takes one of the toughest stances [for students who don't report disciplinary infractions]: It stops considering a student if a high school leaves questions blank about behavior and then refuses to provide the information when Pomona asks directly.
I think their efforts to screen student criminals are a tad bit hypocritical, to say nothing of ineffective. For starters, they failed to catch drug dealer Vinay Shah before he was busted for distributing and if the rumors are true, Pomona failed to report a rape.

If safety is an issue for the community and a recent gun crime would make us think it is, I just don't get why Pomona would have former women cons on its campus without so much as batting an eye.

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