Sunday, September 23, 2007

Charles Murray: Abolish the SAT

Over at the, Charles Murray says that we ought to abolish the SAT in favor of the subject tests.

I took a lot of Advance Placement tests and a fair number of subject tests back at Milton Academy. On average, I did better on the subject tests because I was much more passionate about the material. I liked reading the history texts or the French texts, much more than the dull English texts. (There's only so much I can take of reading Native American poetry or some other multicultural text.)

The reason people's test scores on the subject tests tend to be greater predictors of college success would seem to a no-brainer: people do well in the subject matters they love. Hopefully, more focus on the subject tests will mean more subject tests and more students learning about wider topics.

I've always stood opposed to the monopoly and the stranglehold of ideas that the College Board maintains. With more tests, we get to test the many different kind of intelligences out there and can help better sort the rich intellectual diversity we're only beginning to tap.

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